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J.N. Allinson Associates, Inc. uses a "systems approach" and Non Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment  to evaluate the Condition of a vessel.  When warranted, a follow-up with Destructive Testing will
be recommended to confirm suspected problems. Infared thermal imaging of Fiberglass and Marine Composites follow the co-authored standard that is published by the
Infraspection Institute

We incorporate the applicable sections of the

     Recommended Survey Report Content for Yacht & Small Craft into our "Report of Survey"
work product.

We use a HiDef Digital Video Camera to visually document the survey process along with a precise Infrared Imaging Radiometer that records and stores radiometric thermal infrared images. 

Depending upon the purpose and scope of survey selected, the vessel is examined from stem to stern
while in the water, out of the water and during a sea trial. Examinations are made from exterior and interior vantage points selected to provide the greatest probability of detecting problems.

Images from this process are incorporated into the "Report of Survey" work product to supplement
the written documentation.

In addition to the visual process, J.N. Allinson Associates, Inc. has an extensive inventory of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment specifically designed to test the vessel's structural integrity, machinery and electrical systems.

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