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After experience ... it is the Report of Survey "work product" that sets the standard for judging a surveyor. We constantly refine the look and appearance of our reports. While the primary purpose of the Report of Survey is to communicate information to you, our report format is readily accepted by your assigns (e.g. underwriters, financial institutions).

Prior to the onsite survey J.N. Allinson Associates, Inc. will have spent many hours researching the subject vessel and identifying what  systems will be surveyed.

Our reports of Survey are extensive. To expedite the process they are sent to you in electronic format.

Listed below is the Table of Contents for Report of Survey for a sailing vessel.
Power vessel reports are similar with the results of engine performance from sea trial replacing the sections for Rigging, Sails and Associated Equipment.

24 hours after returning to our office from the survey site you will receive an electronic copy of the "Report of Survey".

This electronic document is produced in a secured Adobe Acrobat format complete with a Table of Contents containing hypertext links that allow you to jump to specific sections of the report for easy online reading. You will also find some hyperlinks within the document that take you to websites where additional information will be found.

Hard copy reports are available upon request.  They are produced in booklet fashion using a high
quality color laser printer, professionally bound and then sent to you priced on a per copy basis.

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