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"Accurate" ... Exchange of Information
through applying Integrity, Proactive,
and Innovative Practices

It is not uncommon for a potential customer to send an email or make a telephone call with the
sole purpose of finding out how much a survey will cost them
 ... translation "how much to you charge per foot"?

We bill out at an hourly rate
to generate the final work product which is ...
a Report on Condition and Value on a Recreational Vessel.

So ... a vessel in good condition takes less time to report on versus a vessel with poor housekeeping.

We use videography to speed up the onsite survey documentation process so we can get back to the office and begin writing up the Report of Survey. As we go through the vessel we use this
 thorough method of data gathering from which we write the report of survey.

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Other Services Offered

Corrosion  Survey                            
Infrared Thermography
using FLIR P65HS
Non Destructive Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM) for metal structures

CYGNUS 3 datalogger
reads through paint & coatings

Electrical Systems Survey New Boat Buildout Construction Monitoring
Latent Moisture Detection Leak detection hatches & windows, Electrical & Mechanical Inspections
using Airborne Ultrasound
Rotating Machinery Inspection detection
using Contact Ultrasound
Boat Delivery
Marine Systems Consultancy
Expert Witness Seminars

"Except for inexpensive small boats, the valuation of boats should be based on an appraisal by a marine surveyor because the physical condition is so critical to the value." IRS publication 561

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